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Nature and Technology: A closer relationship than ever

Strata Argentum

Inspired by Silver Travertine, TheSize introduces Strata Argentum model. A finely horizontally grained décor, in light grey shades, which reproduces the different layers of this trendy italian material.
Available in Riverwashed finish, it replicates the original texture of the natural stone at its rawest state.

Calacatta Gold

Following the success of Calacatta – winner of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015 and Muuuz International Awards 2015 (MIAW) – TheSize developed Calacatta Gold, an elegant gold-veined surface that is in line with the return of the golden trend for bold and luxurious interior designs. Just as with Neolith Calacatta, the new model will be able to be bookmatched and available in 6 and 12 mm thickness in Polished and Silk finish.

La Bohème B01

In the Timber Collection, TheSize is introducing the first wood décor manufactured in 12mm thickness, La Bohème, ideal for worktop applications and kitchen islands. Inspired by the trunk of a Lebanese Cedar, this new design stands out from the collection with its bold grain and raw wooden colour that can be appreciated by sight and touch thanks to the texture achieved by NDD technology (Neolith Digital  Design).

La Bohème B02

The B02 version of La Bohème is presented with a set of lines and knots in a more subtle and homogeneous way than the B01 version of this décor. Bohemian, rustic, Provencal and rough looking, La Bohème B02 can be used for both kitchen tops and islands as well as for cladding and flooring.
Striking and strong, both versions of La Bohème respond to the latest trends in design without compromising the durability of the surface.

Iron Frost

Iron Frost is introduced to the Iron Collection as a neutral and minimalist design which is distinguishable by its delicate notes of metallic sheen on a white background with light grey shades, bringing light to the piece.
With this new model, the Iron Collection offers 7 different modern and eye-catching designs.

Steel Marengo

Aligning itself with the latest market trends for industrial looks in interiors, TheSize introduces Steel Marengo in a brand new collection: Steel Collection. With a dark grey-tone similar to Pietra di Piombo, Steel Marengo is the perfect alternative to stainless steel, as it combines the metallic feel and reflection throughout the slab with the inherent high-tech properties of Sintered Compact Surfaces.

Pierre Bleue

Pierre Bleue is a reinterpretation of a Neolith classic: Belgian Blue. Inspired by the natural stone known as "Le Petit Granit", the décor is the result of employing the latest techniques in Neolith Full Body and NDD technologies. Integrating numerous rock elements through the entire grey-blue body, Pierre Bleue stands out for its high degree of definition and realism, and is available in 6 and 12mm.

TheSize’s newest developments the Full Body and NDD technologies enable architects and designers to create bespoke artworks while ensuring the continuity and visibility of the superficial pattern and elements through the entire edge of Sintered Compact Surfaces, regardless of where the slab is cut.
To enlarge its offer, TheSize continues its investment in R&D and in order to add more colour choices in Full Body in the future.

New special treatment on demand: Natural Honed

The Natural Honed effect is attained by applying a special treatment on the Neolith surface to achieve a honed texture typical of natural stones: flat, soft, without any glossiness and completely matt.
Applying Natural Honed to a décor with a Satin finish increases the softness of the surface; whilst application to a décor with a Silk finish has the effect of decreasing the light that reflects off the surface thereby ensuring the surface maintains its soft and silky aesthetic.
The Natural Honed effect reinforces TheSize’s dedication to providing surfacing solutions that meet the highest expectations of both clients and industry professionals.

Neolith New Products 2016