Neolith, a revolutionary stoneware of the modern day and age, marks the era of Neolithic architecture, using large stones for building without mortar or concrete. It has become the latest choice of architectural surfaces, surpassing classic marble tiles, owing to its sustainability and state-of-the-art technology. Neolith is a sintered surface that is growing in popularity as designers and architects have become more familiar with the advantages of the material. Made from entirely natural, recyclable products, such as crushed stone, Neolith is strong and sturdy stoneware that is versatile, lightweight, and durable.

Neolith is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Its versatility allows for regular home remodellings such as kitchen countertops or backsplashes, but it is also suitable for commercial projects in exterior building cladding or large format flooring. In this article, Marble city, the best marble company in India, shares the various applications of the revolutionary material along with its benefits.


Neolith countertops are one of the most demanded products in today’s market. Neolith is scratch-resistant; even a wayward knife can not leave a gash on the clean countertop. The heat-resistant quality of this material makes it best suitable for kitchen surfaces. Outdoor kitchens are also a perfect option with Neolith because of their durability and UV resistance. From solid colours and patterns that emulate natural stone (such as a marble) to industrial-chic textures that look like rusted metal, any kitchen ambience can be created using a Neolith design.


Today’s luxury baths feature large walk-in shower stalls, waterfall fixtures, and showerheads, allowing homeowners to create a sense of comfort in their homes. Many bathrooms are embracing a monochromatic palette, using consistent material like pure white marble across the bath space. Since Neolith can be used in nearly any household application, you can choose a matching monochrome style for both your floor and shower so that the materials are consistent throughout the space. These surfaces will be waterproof, providing a necessary barrier from the stream of water from the shower. Neolith’s versatility means that even a bench can be created using the same design as your flooring and shower for a seamless blend that appeals as though your entire bathroom is carved from one block of stone!


The extended size is ideal for large applications, such as flooring and cladding, as it holds fewer joints and seams, offering uniformity across the design. Especially in flooring, reduced seams hardly provide opportunities for dirt and debris, making it easier to maintain sparkling floors. An added benefit of these large format tiles is that they are perfect for odd spaces, as they can be cut to a precise shape rather than having to work with several pieces together to solve a puzzle. The slabs can fit perfectly into nooks, closets, and stairwells, giving a flawless final design.


Neolith holds excellent physical properties that make it work like an architectural skin capable of dressing up a facade. The thin, lightweight nature of Neolith slabs is also beneficial for renovation projects. These slabs can be installed over existing cladding without the hassle of having to tear up and haul away the old surface. Neolith offers different finishes, from matte Satin to high-gloss polished, along with a spectrum of designs. The choices allow for any specific vision, whether in a luxury hotel encased in gleaming marble-like surfaces or a matte monochrome of a corporate building.

With exclusive characteristics, Neolith has become an excellent choice for interiors and exteriors. The wide variety of colours and finishes also attracts architects and designers, embracing their aesthetic freedom. Whatever the architectural project in hand, there is a Neolith to complete the vision.