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why neolith is not ceramics ?

The difference between Neolith® and traditional ceramics can be easily registered by comparing each surfaces’ characteristics. Although traditional ceramics share some similar properties, none possess the performance qualities of Neolith®, which combines stain, scratch, chemical and heat resistance in one single material. Furthermore, the raw minerals used in the production of Neolith® are far finer and purer, guaranteeing a more uniform structure than found in traditional ceramics. The machinery used to process these raw materials is unique, designed specifically for manufacturing Neolith®. Fitted with state of the art equipment utilising the latest technology, the production line ensures Sintered Stone of the very highest quality.

The raw materials are pressed at a significantly higher pressure than found in ceramic production to obtain a denser, strongerfinalproduct. Afterwards, the pressed materials are fired for almost two hours, substantially longer than traditional ceramics, which have much shorter firing cycles. These longer firing cycles create a product with a highly- esistant, non-absorbent surface. These improvements in raw materials and production techniques result in Neolith®, an enhanced surface with superior technical characteristics.


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